Sunday, December 25, 2011

The best layed plans....

always seem to go a rye, lol

Well its December 24th and I was planning on serving a beautiful roasted turkey with all the trimmings.  About a week ago I brought the bird and left it in the garage frig - thinking that it would be thawed out by today, and all ready to go.  I didn't even check on it last night (I really should have) to see if it would need any speed thawing to finish off the process.  Since well it had been in there a week already it had to be thawed out.

So I bring the bird in and guess what - I still have a turkey popsicle - too late to speed thaw now.  So instead of giving you my super secret turkey recipe I give you this advice.

Check on your thawing bird - regularly, and do not underestimate the power of freezing temperatures in the garage (they will keep your refrigerator super cold).

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  1. That's why you had chinese! I got the bird cooked and the white meat and legs where done, the thighs get more lovin' from the oven tomorrow!